Wild Earth Roof Top Tents


The perfect tent for touring or a quick weekend away. The aerodynamically designed hard shell rooftop  tents  opens and closes (with all your bedding stored inside) within seconds with to the unique bungee cord system.

The Wildearth hard shell rooftop tent is an extremely versatile tent and can be fitted on to any vehicle or on top of a trailer.

Hard shell:

  • The hard shell is constructed out of UV resistant fibreglass which increases the lifespan and reduces maintenance of the rip stop
    canvas tent enclosed inside the hard shell.
  • High quality automotive rubbers are used to give a dust- and waterproof seal.
  • The aerodynamic design reduces wind resistance and aids in more fuel efficient travel.
  • The bottom base is constructed using honeycomb technology to insulate against harsh weather conditions.
  • The inside of the top part is finished off with high quality felt. This gives a durable finish and reduces condensation.
  • The hard shell is designed for ample storage of bedding when closed and is also secured with two lockable latches to keep out those unwanted fingers.
  • Heavy duty Gas shocks are fitted to assist in opening and closing of the hard shell. Gas shocks are lockable to prevent unwanted closure.


  • The tent is designed with quality and outdoor comfort in mind, therefore only the best materials are used in manufacturing.
  • Any of the 3 large openings can be used as the door.
  • Mosquito netting is fixed on the outside of all 3 openings so that the opening can be closed from the inside without letting any insects in.
  • Openings also close upwards to adjust size of opening according to the weather conditions.
  • Two internal storage pockets are provided inside the tent for smaller items such as keys etc.
  • A low energy consumption12volt LED light is fitted inside the tent and power is supplied by an external waterproof power socket and a coiled wire.
  • A 75mm comfortable mattress with zip off cover for washing is supplied inside the tent. Mattress size is 1350mm x 2150mm.
  • A unique bungee cord is fitted to simplify the closing of the hard shell tent.
  • The extra large rain skirt at the main opening keeps you dry when you enter/exit the tent in wet conditions and keeps the entrance in shade during the day without obstructing the view from inside the tent.
  • Compact telescopic ladder with 40mm treads for bare feet comfort is supplied that fits into C-shaped channel in front of any of the 3 openings.


Dimensions :

Closed : (L) 2.2m x (W) 1.4m x (H) 32cm

Open : (L) 2.2m x (W) 1.4m x (H) 1.4m

Weight : +-75kg (Ladder & Mattress included in weight)

No ropes or pegs required to pitch the tent. Tent is free standing on top of the vehicle fitted.

Tent can be fitted to any vehicle or trailer by using the C-shaped channels underneath the tent.

*Tent Components of final product may vary from description.